No Faith.

I have absolutely no faith in the American public doing the right thing when it comes to voting in the Midterm Elections. None. Not only do I have no faith in the voting public, I have little faith in our voting process. Not because Democrats are going to steal the election, no, they’re really not that clever, but because voting districts are incredibly gerrymandered into forced ridiculous outcomes and there are already election laws in place to make sure the American voter has as little of a voice as possible, especially non-white folks.

Look, the average IQ of American society is plummeting. The young ones couldn’t care less about voting unless it’s going to earn them “likes” and “influence”. The older ones watch the stupidest of the news media outlets (and they’re ALL stupid, quite frankly) and are way beyond their shelf date. We hear both sides of every issue when the other side is so incredibly far-fetched/stupid/ignorant that it’s worth absolutely no air time. The news media doesn’t care about reporting, they care about opinions because it generates controversy which generates ad revenue because of eye balls and pearl clutching. Don’t even get me started on the idiocy of social media. We worship billionaires that were given millions as kids because they work hard(?).

“Idiocracy” was not an operating manual for society, but y’all are hellbent on turning this hellscape into their favorite sci-fi armageddon/post apocalyptic scenario because that gets better ratings.

The likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert wouldn’t get two seconds in any sort of conversation, let alone be taken seriously as a political contender before the 21st century. Never. They’re good for ad revenue for the news media, and therefore we have to hear their uneducated, ignorant, fucked up points of view all the time. They’re STUPID. Why must we elevate and amplify the voices of the STUPID. Let them bark at a carnival or a church or something.

The only faith I have in these midterms is the other shoe is going to drop and it’s not going to be pretty.

I need to go to a shooting range and let my hostilities out.