September 2022

Mental Health.

The folks at work occasionally share motivational tidbits to keep the workforce, erm, motivated. I found this mental health calendar interesting and I’ve decided to take a glance at it every day in the month of October. Perhaps it’ll keep the whirlwind going on in my brain a bit more shiny and a little less chaotic.

Unfortunately the links in the document were not shared. I’ll have to scout around for the original source material.


Many years ago Grandpa Country told me I should marry a rich, old broad or someone that can cook.

I went with someone that can cook. The finances are a private matter.

Back Seat.

Every once in a while a song will come up on “Yacht Rock” radio and I’m nine years old again, sitting in the back seat of my Dad’s 1978 Chevy Impala on a Sunday night, riding north on I-81 from Syracuse to our home along Lake Ontario. Some of my happiest childhood memories are from those rides; there aren’t any specific events that mark these occasions, it’s more of a feeling of safety and contentment and wonder.

Today Nicolette Larson’s “Lotta Love” came on and again my mind took me to the back seat of the baby blue Impala. It was the “Sport Coupe” model, as dad considered himself way too young to own a four door sedan. The hum of the V8 350 still rings in my ears as Nicolette’s voice played from the single speaker in the dash, from the AM radio always tuned to 62 WHEN.

From 1978 here’s Nicolette Larson with “Lotta Love”.

Wind Down.

I’ve gotten in the habit of sitting on our roof for about 10-15 minutes before heading to bed. The desert winds are amazing at this time of year. Still kicking up to nearly 20 MPH, the breeze is warm and makes a lovely sound as it passes through the landscape. I find it comforting. After thunderstorms I am most impressed by wind when it comes to Mother Nature’s activities.

On my walk earlier this evening I saw eight dots moving across the sky in different directions. Undoubtedly satellites, I usually see only one or two at a time. Seeing eight ear unusual to me. Inspiring, but unusual.

New Look.

I love these inexpensive online eyeglasses places, like Zenni Optical. I’m trying a new look inexpensively.


I’m sitting on our roof looking at the incredibly clear night sky. The stars are quite beautiful. I’m using an old app on my iPad called “Star Walk 2”, trying to figure out what I’m looking at on this celestial evening. A couple of coyotes are making some noise in the distance.

Always look up.


Truman keeps an eye on the proceedings in the kitchen. There seems to be a feline-canine understanding that when he is in certain places, for example in front of the back door of the kitchen or on the bottom shelf of the end cabinet, he is not to be disturbed by the curious canines. If he moves from these locations, the chase is on.


It’s the kind of night I love. A gentle, warm wind. Temperatures well above 80°F. No moon. Lots of stars nearby, but lighting all around on the horizon.

I’m already looking forward to my next storm chasing week in 2023. Mother Nature never fails to impress me.

More Storms.

I canceled tonight’s flight due to weather moving in. Thunderstorms were not in the forecast, but as a pilot one quickly learns you fly the weather you have, not the weather on the forecast.

It would be easier to fly the weather on the forecast.

Thunderstorms continued well into the evening as the instructor and I went over some ground school lessons for my instrument rating. We’re getting close to the big day!

I hope to fly this weekend.


I don’t know this person. His slicked hair, mustache, and glasses caught my eye one night while I was watching a 1956 presentation on the wonders of Western Electric. He was the only one in the film with facial hair. Here he’s just a guy that’s working hard at one of Western Electric’s facilities. Yes, I find him attractive. Yes, my husband knows this.

It must have been hot in the facility because it appears he’s wearing a t-shirt while working. Many of the folks in the 1956 Western Electric film are dressed quite nice, especially when compared to 2022 standards, and this man is working in his t-shirt. He’s not the only one in his t-shirt, so perhaps it was part of a trend.

One of the takeaways from my upbringing was the importance of a good work ethic. At work today we had an all-hands call for our division. The presenter brought up an image of a bunch of animals drawn on top of each other; the first animal you saw indicated your personality. I saw a cat and that meant I was determined. I feel that’s accurate, I like getting things done and having a purpose. These traits are a strong contributor to my framework for a work ethic. I believe we should contribute more than we take from society. Working hard is important to me. I’ll have time to relax when I retire in a few years, and even though I probably won’t stop working completely.

I wonder about the backstory of the gentleman in the screenshot. Was he married? Did he have kids? Did he work for Western Electric his whole life?

It appears he had a very strong work ethic. I hope he was happy with what he achieved.