October 4, 2022

More Storms.

Itís well beyond monsoon season but another Nature continues to be in a stormy mood.

While out for my walk yesterday afternoon I noticed more air traffic than usual overhead. A little digging into Twitter and it turns out Phoenix has being hit with 50+ MPH winds and an impressive sandstorm, so inbound flights to Sky Harbor were in holding patterns over Tucson. This ties in well with my instrument training currently in progress as Iíve been practicing these types of holds in much smaller airplanes.

Hereís one of the tracks of holding airliners overhead during the sandstorm.

It looks like this pilot wanted to do their own thing, though.

I enjoy storms, as long as Iím not flying in them.


Once or twice a year I’ll receive a handwritten letter from a local person encouraging me to find myself, reduce my stress, bring serenity to my life, etc. by becoming a Jehovah’s Witness (or is it ‘join the Jehovah’s Witnesses?). I’ve received these letters for many years, in all the locales that we’ve lived in. Apparently my name and needs are on a mailing list somewhere.

These letters don’t bother me. I actually read them. I don’t feel compelled to take any action, as I have my own spiritual beliefs and I’m quite solid in what I believe, but I find the correspondence interesting. No two letters are the same. Perhaps the senders are provided many templates.

I hope the authors find peace through sending me these letters.