And so begins my solo adventure to the Plains states. My husband dropped me off at Tucson International Airport at lunch time; our flight departed on time and I’m comfortably seated in seat 2A. I’m not as close to a yoke as I want to be but I’m not rated to flying an ERJ-175. Maybe someday. That’d be pretty awesome.

The Storm Prediction Center maps look quite promising for the next three days. I’ll be heading due east from Denver and roaming Americana from there. Come Thursday I’ll start heading back to the desert southwest with my intent to return the rental car to TUS on Sunday afternoon.

There’s a lot going on at work this week but I have the utmost confidence in my team that all is handled. I have my work laptop in tow in case I have to jump on the network.

Right now I’m going to sit back, relax. and enjoy this flight on United Express.