June 6, 2022


I followed two impressive thunderstorms today, mostly around Garden City and Dodge City, Kansas. The lightning was quite impressive.

The daylight storm was very impressive with its winds as well. I needed two hands firmly on the steering wheel to keep the car on the roadway.

I trailed the nighttime storm, getting close to it, taking some photos, and then catching it again.

A great afternoon and evening of storm chasing.


The storm chasing trip across the Plains continues. Today I drove the High Plains south of Burlington, Colorado, making my way to Granada, Colorado before turning east and heading into Kansas. I made my way to Dodge City for the evening, as it was smack dab in the middle of the “slight chance” of severe thunderstorm activity area. The ride was quite enjoyable and I found my “zen” that I haven’t found in a while during a road trip.

I love this part of the country.

Apostrophe Abuse.

Apostrophe Abuse makes me very sad. What singular boy owns that department at Walmart? Who is the single boy? If they’re referring to the department of boys clothing, it should be boys. All the boys should be able to shop in the Boys’ Department at Wal*mart.