December 5, 2021


Last night was the Palm Springs Festival of Lights Christmas Parade. We didn’t know this event was happening before we arrived on Thursday, but we were anxious for a bit of holiday cheer of this nature.

I made a reservation at one of the restaurants along the route and asked yesterday morning if we could be seated outside. They couldn’t guarantee an outside seat but they promised us a window seat.

We ended up eating right on the sidewalk last night. The meal was delicious and the surrounding festivities were, well, festive. It was a very nice time.

All of the floats and bands and others in the parades were decorated with flashing lights, garland, tinsel, and the like. There were many marching bands and they all played their takes on holiday music. The bands all sounded good. I mentioned to Earl that I was happy to see marching bands still doing their things decades after I was big on being in marching band in junior and senior high school. Some of the tuba players were playing with marching tubas (I’ve never played one of those) and others were playing sousaphones, which is the “tuba that wraps around you”. I played plenty of those, both in brass and fiberglass. I could probably squeak out a B-flat scale today if I was given the opportunity.

The parade was fun, the crowd was pleasant, and there was a great energy in the air. I was a little concerned about COVID, the density of the crowd, and folks not wearing masks, but that’s why we have our vaccinations complete with booster shots.

A quick aside, to enter a restaurant here in Palm Springs you must prove that you’re vaccinated or that you’ve had a negative COVID-19 test in the past 48 hours and you still have to wear a mask whenever you’re not eating. I have no issue with this. The only bump in this requirement is the Walgreens app is awful for consistently showing one’s vaccination status but luckily we brought along our real vaccination cards. On the crowd front, about 40% of folks were wearing masks while moving about on the street.

Overall we had a great time and the experience helped put me in a holiday mood.