December 18, 2021


Truman has to occasionally inspect the merchandise. I was trying to take a cute side-by-side selfie but he thought it’d be best to sniff and lick my head.

These things happen.

One Moment…

We received word from our web hosting company that they’re going to try to migrate the server we live on to a new data center in Buffalo, New York. When they tried this in October our server was down for over three days and there wasn’t much we could do about it. I thought that completed the migration but it did not, so apparently they’re going to try again.

I should have jumped ship when I had the chance.

So, if you see the blog gone for a while don’t fret, I’m still writing behind the scenes, I’m just waiting for the web hosting company to get its act together.

As I sign my emails at work when it comes to server issues: thank you for your patience.