Apparently there’s a large community of folks that collect washers and dryers. While down a YouTube rabbit hole I saw a video of this washing machine in action, which is nearly identical to the washer we had starting in 1980 or 1981 after the old Westinghouse had flooded over one too many times.

As a kid I was always fascinated with washing machines, in the home and in laundromats, until the previously mentioned Westinghouse flooded the bathroom in our tiny mobile home. It broke its own schedule and structure, did something out of the ordinary, and then I was concerned it was going to do it again. This should be have a sign to my folks that not only was their son a strange one but probably had a different set of wiring and circuits in his head.

Even though the Westinghouse flooded my dad had my mother soldier on with it for a few more years, even making the move to the new house across the street. When it started flooding that laundry room and spitting grease on his work shirts, then we got the new General Electric washer like the one pictured above.

That washing machine lasted over 15 years before I replaced it with a pair of Hotpoints I had purchased and took the old washer and dryer to my townhouse about an hour away. This was my way of having dad pay for the washer and dryer I could no longer afford. I’m happy Dad was cooperative that way.

I don’t think anyone would expect a washer or dryer purchased today to last 10 years let alone over 15.