October 7, 2020


My husband and I requested and received our absentee ballots for the upcoming election. On Sunday we placed our completed ballots in a mailbox at the post office and by Wednesday we had both received word that the voting commission had received our ballots and our votes would be counted.

It can’t get much easier than that.

I know it’s trendy among Republicans to make voting as difficult as possible for Americans, especially for those that aren’t white and/or don’t tend to vote Republican. Governors taking away ballot boxes, heads of the postal service removing vital equipment, layers of red tape on voter registration procedures; the list goes on and on with the tricks up the sleeves of too many government officials. Then of course we have Cheetolini telling everyone that the election will be rigged and inaccurate and that it will be impossible to determine a “true” outcome. This is all part of a propaganda campaign to sow fear and doubt into the voting population. It’s his way of undermining democracy.

Do not let the Republicans or their Orange Leader scare you from voting and do not let them deter you from voting. Though it doesn’t seem like it lately, our government depends on the votes of its citizens. When we don’t vote, we end up with messes like we have right now.

We need to clean up the mess. We need to get rid of the cancer. We need to put the cockroaches back under their rocks.