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Desperate for variety on the entertainment devices during these pandemic times, I started diving deeper into the offerings from Apple TV+. We’ve been through “For All Mankind”, “The Morning Show”, and the LGBTQ+ documentary “Visible: Out On Television”. I was looking for something not too heavy but a little more along the lines of informative instead of fiction. I landed on a series “Home”.

The official description of the series:

Discover the groundbreaking ideas and inspiring stories behind the world’s most imaginative dwellings. In this globe-spanning docuseries, meet the visionaries who are challenging conventional concepts of “home” and rethinking how we live.


We watched the first two episodes of the series to see if we enjoyed it. In the first episode, a Swedish family discusses the building of a log cabin inside a greenhouse, and vibe it brings to their family. There’s some discussion around construction and political challenges, but the episode is focused on the family unit and their little piece of utopia inside their walls. Apparently this design is not unique, and there’s a small movement of “Nature Houses” popping up in Europe.

I am intrigued by this concept and I’m going to be reading more around the idea.

The second episode featured an artist on the south side of Chicago who is turning abandoned building into cultural, celebratory art centers.

From the Apple TV+ website

It’s always wonderful to see someone who appreciates what we have and who decides to restore instead of replace. Too often the south side of Chicago gets a bad rap. It’s good to see folks who proudly call the neighborhoods home.