I have to admit I’m rather excited about the HomePod Mini. At an affordable price point, we’re going to be able to put one or two of these around our home to supplement our existing HomePods.

I know folks like to gripe about Siri but we rarely have an issue using Siri to play music, set alarms, or control our smart devices. We have Alexa in da house as well, and she seems to get more confused than Siri on a regular basis. Maybe I’m just wired to be more Apple friendly or something.

I’m also excited about the new iPhone 12 lineup. My iPhone X is going on three years old and I’m in the mood for an upgrade. I believe the iPhone 12 will fit the bill. I’ll probably sell my Canon camera to help offset the cost. I haven’t used it in quite a while.


  1. I’m kinda torn. HomePod mini and the new iPhone 12 look lovely and would be a cool thing to have around. But…

    I’d absolutely get the HomePod and HomePod mini if they worked with Nest, as we have Nest items in our house. Sadly it is not (yet) to be, though I understand there is talk of some unified protocol.

    My iPhone 8 that I got a year ago (I think at the last Amazon Prime day) is chugging along fine. I’d love the new tech; I am just not sure that given I am not going anywhere to take pics etc. that I’ll get one. Maybe next year when 5G is everywhere and it doesn’t cost £800 for more than 64GB 😉

  2. I’m frustrated with smart home products.

    I like Apple but we couldn’t use Apple Home even if we wanted to.

    When we bought our home it came with several “smart” features – none of which work with Apple Home:

    * Garage Door Openers – works with Google, not Apple.
    * Sprinkler System – works with Google, not Apple.
    * Alarm System – works with Google, not Apple.
    * Wall light switches and dimmers – works with Google, not Apple.

    So even if we wanted to go Apple we’d have to put down a HEFTY chunk of money to do it or lose certain connectivity.

    Additionally – we have Google Nest Hubs throughout the house, which also double as security cameras. So far Apple doesn’t have a device with a screen or built-in cameras at all, much less one that could rival the Nest Hubs.

    I like that Apple is moving forward but for now it’s FAR from a complete solution – or even a workable one.

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