Fairmont Hotel.

So Earl, Jamie and I are back on the North American mainland, as we arrived in Vancouver, B.C. this morning. Faced with a 14 hour wait for our flight home, which leaves at 11:00 p.m. this evening, and the fact that we couldn’t even check our bags, pass through security or customs or get to the “good side” of the airport near the gates, I decided to get us a room for day use at the attached Fairmont Hotel.

The money was well spent.

We have been able to nap, relax, surf the Internet and the like in the comfort of this lovely hotel room. We have to be out by 8:00 p.m.; at that time we’ll be able to check in, grab a bite to eat and then relax before boarding the red-eye back home.

The rooms at the Fairmont Hotel are very high-tech in that all of the lights, climate controls, television remote and such are all wired together to this nightstand console.

Naturally this has given me some ideas on how to upgrade our bedroom accoutrement at home. Earl just smiled but I think on the inside he rolled his eyes a little bit.

Our hotel room also affords us a most excellent view. It’s an aviation enthusiast’s paradise.