Moving Forward.

So a couple of weeks ago another telecommunications company contacted me regarding my web application development skills via my LinkedIn profile. I’ve chatted with this company before, the woman that contacted me used to work at another location at my present company, a year ago they suggested I apply for a position that seemed perfect for me. I had just started my current position and I wasn’t prepared to relocate; so I declined the offer.

They contacted me again with a different sort of approach: I could work from home with routine trips to the Carolinas to meet with other team members. The benefits and salary were very enticing. The challenge sounded exciting.

Last Monday I formally accepted the position of Senior Consultant. I start my new job on June 8. I gave my notice to my current employer mid-week last week, my last day of my current position is officially May 29, but with the last week of pre-planned vacation, my last work day will be May 22.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this new chapter in my career. I will be traveling to South Carolina for my first week and it’s my understanding that my job will technically be based in Greenville, though I will be working from home. Even though the opportunity sounds incredible and the benefits are quite nice, it was still a hard decision to make. As a guy in his mid 40s, I’m starting to approach that enjoyment-of-the-familiar vibe that we have going on, but ultimately the adventurer spirit within won out. 

One of the more exciting aspects of this opportunity is that it solidifies Earl’s retirement plans and goals and it gives us better options for relocation when that time comes around.

I have this whole “reboot” feeling now; I’ll be wiping the work projects slate clean and taking on new challenges. I’ll have a new computer and a whole new team to work with; I’ll be writing software with different purposes and goals from what I do today. I feel there’s plenty of room from growth, plenty of ways to learn. I feel energized.

Life is grand!