So today my new position at work and I am very excited about. My new title is “Senior Systems Engineer” and I’m basically doing more of what I love to do for work, writing applications for people to be more efficient in their job. The company I work for strives to “delight our customers” and I firmly believe in that value; I strive to “delight my customer”, which is the application user. I always have a goal to make things better.

I’ve also been working on my aviator goals: a couple of weeks ago I flew to Oswego County Airport with my instructor and a fellow student. It was great flight and a great learning experience but it was also important to me because of the familial significance of that airport. Landing where my dad and my grandfather had landed was a goal that I needed to reach and landing where my dad last flew was a hurdle I needed to get beyond. I am more energized and more excited than ever to fly now that I have accomplished that goal.

Last week I told my flight instructor and fellow students that I have some aviation goals in mind and one of them is flying into Oshkosh AirVenture in the Piper Cherokee that we co-own. That’s not going to happen this year; it’s way too early in my flight career to do something like that, but it is something that I would love to try in an upcoming year. Earl was mentioning at dinner the other night that he doesn’t want to fly in circles around our home airport, he wants to see things and go places. I’m lucky to have a spouse that thinks like I do.

Because it’s my goal to do the exact same thing.

Here’s a video of someone else landing at Oshkosh last year. Seeing this video just doubled my excitement for doing the same thing someday.