So I have been trying not to buy new gadgets but I ended up buying something this week. We have had the same bathroom scale for 15 years. It’s electronic. It zaps your body with some low voltage current to determine your BMI. It is suppose to be highly accurate.

I don’t know if I have drop-kicked it one too many times or what, but Monday morning it told me that I weighed 188. This was impossible, because the day before I had weighed 176, and there was no way I could put 12 pounds on in one day. So I hopped off the scale, refrained from yelling or kicking anything, reset the scale to zero and I hopped on again.

I weighed 142. (Just call me Karen).

I tried again.

I weighed 191.4.

Since the numbers were not getting any better I decided that the scale had finally died and it was time to order a new one. A quick hop on Amazon, a little Prime membership shipping and I am happy to say that today we will have a new scale that is synchronized with our FitBit and MyFitnessPal accounts. I have a hunch that there will be no way to jimmy the numbers in our favor. It will be what it is and it will be recorded as such.

I guess I’m really a geek if I’m excited about a new scale arriving. I don’t find it at all odd that I have to connect to the scale with a web browser and configure it; any sort of odd feelings of this nature dissipated when I had to reboot the dishwasher after a firmware upgrade.

Ain’t the 21st century grand?