January 7, 2013

The Life Enjoyment.

So I haven’t written in my blog in three days. This is unusual for me, though there have been weekends where I haven’t written much in the blog simply because there has been too much going on in our merry lives.

Apparently such was the case this weekend.

At the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to reassess my social networking ways and decide what was microbloggable, what was bloggable and then act accordingly. This weekend I decided that I just wanted to enjoy life without telling the world about it through every inane detail. Earl and I had a lovely date night on Saturday night, saw an enjoyable movie and accomplished many chores around The Manor yesterday. It was a simple, yet effective way to enjoy the weekend and quite frankly I loved it. I feel good today.

Yesterday I actually sat down and read. I didn’t read to find things to talk about on the blog, I didn’t read to get the latest trends in technology news, I read because I wanted to read and enrich my mind and stoke the creative fire. I loved it. I feel stoked.

Sometimes it’s good to take a short break.