So the weather is getting really crappy. This morning it was clear and the roads were bare but now that it is lunch time there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground. They’re telling us that the snow will change over the sleet and ice just in time for the commute home.

And I forgot to put the ice skates on the Jeep today.

I normally don’t mind driving in any kind of weather, after all, I am known for driving right into the middle of severe thunderstorms and trying to get as close to tornadic activity as possible, but one of the things that makes all this stuff troublesome is the other drivers on the road. Driving to Dunkin’ Donuts a little while ago, the woman in the car in front of me turned her left turn signal on and then proceeded to make a right turn, where she then swung her car around and zoomed across the three lanes to make her intended left hand turn. The weather makes the bad drivers worse and it makes the crazy people crazier. I always talk about this sort of thing and you’d think after 44 years I’d be used to crazy drivers during a snow storm but I’m not.

I don’t know where all the common sense falls to in times like these but I wish people would stop for a moment and pick that common sense back up. It’s quite valuable.


  1. Went into the office today for the first time since the Friday before MLK day. And any sense of normalcy I wanted was truly found. By noon almost everyone around me who had come in left early.

    Sigh, why do I have such a good work ethic?

  2. People go out of their minds here when the weather has the potential to be bad, let alone actually be bad. Shelves at stores go empty. People forget how to drive, or rather they drive like they are the only person on the road. *ugh*

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