The Resolute Week.

So it has been a week since I set some goals for myself for 2013 and quite frankly I’m feeling good about them thus far. The scale and I are getting along. I have completely revamped my workflow at work and I am markedly less stressed (though sometimes I played the harried part to keep people off my back). At home, well, the cleaners come back in a week. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Earl and I went to the gym the other night and I snagged the last available elliptical machine (otherwise known as the ‘Spazz-master’). It seems that there are many people trying to get fit for the New Year and I applaud their efforts. The social engineering person in me is curious to see how long the overpopulated gym situation lasts. I think some make a list of dozens of resolutions and lose interest in them. I know that I would. I’m finding by concentrating on less than a half dozen goals, instead of trying to revamp my life, I’m focused on what I want to get done and I’m actually accomplishing something. This is a good feeling.

I’m employing technology in my new routines where I can; I still use MyFitnessPal to keep track of my healthy stuff. I have a FitBit that is keeping tracking of my steps and sleeping patterns. I was a little surprised to find out how many times I wake up during the night and after the first few nights I adjusted my sleep schedule so that I would get more restful sleep. My organizational goals at work have focused on a completely paper-free desk. I wiped out a bunch of unused apps on my computers and iDevices. I’m getting rid of older technology that I used to keep around for nostalgic purposes and only keeping the things I actually use.

It’s a good feeling. I guess when your only resolution is to set up achievable goals for yourself, you’re setting yourself up to win.

And that feels good.


  1. I got a Fitbit about a month ago and was most surprised by how much I walk at work. I average about 9-10 miles a day! Now I know why my feet hurt so much.

    The sleep tracker is interesting too. Now I know what time my cat woke me up throwing up!

    1. Glad to hear that you’re so active! The FitBit has made me realize that I don’t walk nearly as much as I should when I work from home. My sleeping patterns are getting better though and it’s because I’m keeping an eye on them with the FitBit info. I’m not nearly as cranky in the morning as I used to be and it’s only been three weeks!

  2. I’m betting the resolution crowd dies off mid-February. I was never one for “yearly” resolutions though. When I figure something needs to be changed, I attempt to make it happen then.

    I’m curious about my sleep patters, so I’ll give Fitbit a try. Thank you for that!

    1. I am loving my FitBit and it has definitely kept me mindful of my sleeping habits and of how much I walk. Working from home several days a week is making me not take as many steps as I should, but I do climb the stairs a lot more than I realized, which is kind of cool. I have really enjoyed the FitBit thus far and I’d recommend it.

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