DL 3882.

Dear Flight Attendants,

You get my undying respect. Earl and I have just set foot on Delta flight 3882 and in two minutes we have witnessed two people throwing a hissy fit about their seat location because it’s too cold, another having a fit about the fact that row 1 has no seat in front of it and a third who keeps asking for a pillow. This has been within the first two minutes of boarding this flight. I am sorry that the American public has stooped to such a poor, selfish display of behavior. I’m sorry that you have to be reduced to keeping passengers safe on what an industry has turned into glorified bus service with wings. Not all of us are like that, but there’s that whole bad apple – spoiled bunch thing.


A grateful passenger.


    1. I could not believe how rude this couple was being to the flight attendant. The woman was babbling on about how important she was but her husband was just downright mean, screaming at the top of his lungs and using all sorts of profanity. Way too aggressive and hostile.

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