The One About.

So last night the surf was up on the Internet and I was bombing around from site to site, app to app doing nothing constructive. This usually leads me to YouTube where I watch something that will make me smile. The chosen videos usually have to do with old television shows; I find it a hoot to watch veteran actress Reta Shaw throw herself between Majors Nelson and Healey and scream “Dominate me, boys! I’ve always wanted to be dominated!”

Anyways, somewhere along the way I found a quiz to test for ADHD. Now, I’ve been tested for ADHD before and I’ve always passed with flying colors, so I was interested to see what this little internet gem was going to determine of me. Luckily, there were only six multiple choice questions, so I was able to focus long enough to determine that “ADHD may be likely.”

Well, duh.

The thing about ADHD is that it kind of falls into that whole label thing, where I don’t want to be a person labeled with ADHD. I just like to thing that these tendencies of mine are just part of that big label called “Me” and I am quite comfortable with that. I can deal with the rest of the stuff. I know what distracts me. I know when I’m going to get stuff done and when I’m not and I adjust my schedule and deadlines accordingly. Earl learned very early on about the way I tick and he’s always been patient. There are still a few areas of my life where I could make a sizable adjustment so I could be more productive and less ADHD like, but for the most part I’m getting through just fine and that’s alright by me. I don’t need a chemical assist to keep things on track. I wish others could be as lucky.

Heh, I have to admit that I was distracted and forgot what this paragraph was going to be. Well, that happens sometimes.