I am becoming obsessed with the game “Words With Friends”. This is an iPad and iPhone app that works much like Scrabble. One can play with random people or friends can seek each other out and challenge each other to a game. I like the game because when it’s my move I can take my time and play when I get the chance. I like the lack of pressure.

I’m not a big fan of playing games on my iDevices. I tried GodFinger and that was okay but I found myself becoming emotionally attached to these virtual people that I was flinging around. I felt guilty when I felt inclined to squish them like an ant. Perhaps it was because they were drawn to be rather cute. Angry Birds is fun for a little while; I especially like their looks and sounds of determination, but I can only fling things at pigs so much before I want a BLT.

Words With Friends is challenging for me. I feel like I’m exercising my brain a little bit when I play. Sometimes I’ll throw up random letters hoping it makes a word that I’m not familiar with and occasionally this system works. Plus, it increases my vocabulary. I don’t recall ever using the words NOIL in a sentence unless I was drunk or something. Nevertheless, it was worth some points.

So today I’m sitting in the sunshine playing some fake Scrabble. Look me up on there if you feel so inclined.