Mother Nature has chosen to delight us during our lunch hour with a fairly hefty thunderstorm. The skies were flashy and loud as I got settled in for my lunch hour, but she seems to have moved on to another part of the county.


Just to be sure that I was safe in the car, I parked in a slightly different spot than usual so that I would be situated in between the two electric poles behind me, instead of parking directly in front of one. I didn’t want it to fall on the car if it got struck by lightning and it happened to fall in my direction.

It’s good to plan for these sorts of things.

I have had a reoccurring dream over the years that involves me getting struck by lightning. I’ve had this dream since elementary school. I’m not worried about that happening today though, because in the dream I am standing on some sort of porch or deck and I think I’m standing behind a mobile home. Since none of these elements are currently in place I have decided that today is not my day to be struck by lightning.

The light and sound show is fairly impressive though. We are suppose to get thunderstorms throughout the day. It may make for a lively ride home tonight.