My thoughts and prayers go to the people of Japan as they deal with this latest blow from the Universe. The earth is such a magnificent and awesome living thing that can be so fragile at the same time. The earthquakes seem to be getting more frequent and more fierce; whatever you think about 2012, it does give one pause for a moment.

During my commute this morning I wanted to catch the latest news. *NPR’s coverage was lacking, in my opinion, so I started spinning around the dial and finally switched over to AM where I found a strong signal with non-stop earthquake coverage. The talk station is rather conservative, but it never hurts to hear all points of view and quite frankly, I felt that the earthquake news was beyond politics anyways. The female anchor was almost giddy when she announced they would be going commercial free to bring the latest news on the disaster. News people get happy about this sort of thing, and I get that, the rush of diving into a big project at work. I think some people lose sight of that when it comes to news.

I sent a message to my sister prompting her to get a hold of her friend in Hawaii to let them know what was happening as Hawaiians were probably sleeping and some might sleep through the tsunami sirens. Hopefully everyone involved is safe and sound.

The station was still on in the car when I left for lunch so I listened to the rantings of the substitute host for Glenn Beck. As I said earlier, it never hurts to hear all viewpoints. That’s the only true way you can formulate your own intelligent opinion. A very smart man reminds me of this from time to time.

NPR has been a little weird for me lately. Pledge drives, public money pleas and departing executives all get on my nerves.