I’m catching up on email and other pressing things during my lunch hour today. Let’s see if I can sum up the last two days in a bulleted list:

– We still have a lot of snow and are expecting more tomorrow
– This is my weekend to work so I have tomorrow off
– I’ll probably be shoveling
– I wiped out two weeks worth of work when I tried out a new software package at work. It’s not worth the money they say it is
– The Jimmy is being fixed as we speak
– I love our Jeep
– Gas prices are scaring me
– I don’t care about Charlie Sheen and I fail to understand why he is more important that Libya, rising gas prices, world hunger, etc
– I’m in the mood to go somewhere warm
– I am remarkably centered and focused in this slightly chaotic time
– I wanted a beer but I didn’t have one because the one in the fridge is almost two years old. I’m saving it to water the mulch.

And on we go.