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We are back from our final day at a theme park. Today we spent the day at Epcot, concentrating mainly on the World Showcase. This is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World.

We decided to go clockwise around World Showcase instead of the usual counter-clockwise way, so we ended up eating lunch in China. It was quite good. Table service had no reservations left but fast food was quite acceptable and just as enjoyable so we made the best of it.

One of my favorite countries in World Showcase is that of our northern neighbor Canada. I always get chills during the circle-o-vision 360 presentation of “O Canada!” and since they updated it in 2006 it has been even more enjoyable. (Prior to 2006 the attraction played the movie dating back to the opening of the attraction back in 1982). If you have seen this attraction before, you’ll notice one scene from the first film in the second. I’ll let you figure out which one it is. The update also includes the beautiful “Canada (You’re A Lifetime Journey)”, this time sung by 2006 Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila. You can hear the track here.

We wrapped up the day by taking a spin on the GM Test Track. After the attraction you get to walk through a little showroom of the latest GM vehicles. I noted that there wasn’t any mention of the Chevy Volt; I expressed an interest to one of the attendants and she is going to e-mail me some information. Earl and I first sat in a Chevy Impala at this attraction 10 years ago and we ended up buying one shortly after our visit. Who knows, we might buy a Volt next.

All in all this has been a great trip. I feel very relaxed and centered. Tomorrow we hit the road to head back north.