Apple Store.

Apple Store., originally uploaded by iMachias.

So we made the obligatory stop at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, since we were in the area and all. I took my usual photo using one of the display computers. Earl and Jamie waited patiently by the stairs.

As I looked over all things Mac, I decided to make a purchase. My MacBook Pro is performing flawlessly and I have finally bonded with it after all that time with my PowerBook G4. The audio studio iMac has been doubling as a Jamie’s photo editing computer. There have been times when we both have had creative inspirations at the same time and one of us would have to wait for the other. That’s okay, but when you’re standing in the middle of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, you become doubly inspired.

Hence, the new iMac I just purchased:
Once Mac...

I’m actually quite pleased with the purchase and look forward to setting it up Monday night when we get back home. Though not equipped with the biggest screen, Jamie and I now have equally powered Macs for doing our creative work. I am very happy.

It’s all because of that e-mail I got last night that said my federal tax return had been accepted.