When I spin at clubs I tend to play older dance music from the 70s, 80s and 90s in the early part of the evening. I have a rock solid memory when it comes to the dance music charts, especially from 1983 or so until the early 2000s and I pride myself on being able to play those tracks that fill the floor because they haven’t been heard in a long while. This is all dependent on the crowd, of course, but back in the day I always knew I was doing a good job with the early night music when Brad, a tall, stately old queen of a man would throw his hand up in the air in a very stage commanding way as he mouthed the words to the song whilst sipping his very metropolitan looking drink and chatting with his friends.

One of the things I used to enjoy doing in radio was making station exclusive edits of popular tracks and putting them into the music rotation. This was accomplished by literally splicing tape; I would use a four track, a grease pencil, a razor blade and special tape to rearrange, remove or double up the verses of select tracks. I wasn’t really interested in remixing the song to the point of non-recognition but rather I liked extending the track a little bit or doing what I could to make the song sound familiar yet different in a way.

When I put the studio back together a couple of weeks ago I came up with some ideas to freshen up some old tracks once again using the more modern methods I have available to me now. Tonight I returned to the realm of the “Cub Slice” and freshened up a dance floor staple.

For your enjoyment, from 1983 here is “Borderline (Cub Slice Re-Edit)” by Madonna.

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