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My mind has been wandering this evening. I have been dreaming about the days when I used to be able to sit down with a boatload of collected thoughts and write something cohesive, inspiring and touching, all laced with a touch of whimsy.

This week has been all about one thing: go go go.

Earl, Jamie and I had a houseguest from Sunday until this morning. One of our dear friends was in town recovering from a nasty cold; since he’s a flight attendant he can plop down any ol’ place he chooses and he chose The Manor, so we fed him chicken soup and a good helping of this life of control chaos around here and this morning I took him back to Albany so he could leave on a jet plane for his next adventure. He was well rested when he left.

I have been on call, which has been hot and cold as far as intensity goes this week. Tonight has been very busy and I can hear the sounds of an overtime cash register ringing up a big paycheck to be delivered in a couple of weeks.

The year has started on a good note: today the group I work with received two letters of accolades from customers that were impressed with our performance. It was good to hear a “hooray” or two in a society of mostly “boos”. I work with a good group of people. I have always known that.

My personal goals are all off to a good start for the new year aside from one thing…

I’m not writing enough. I hope to fix that as soon as on call is over this weekend.