DJ SuperCub.

So it has been a year since I last made a DJ SuperCub “Beat Assimilation” mix. The last time I spun in public was last New Year’s Eve, when a young woman drinking bathroom tap water out of a dixie cup she was sharing with her friends asked me when I was going to start playing dance music. To her, dance music meant bumping and grinding to rap on the dance floor.

I then decided that I was DJing in the wrong place. It wasn’t long afterwards that my aging mixing console decided to give up the ghost. Instead of investing the money into new equipment, I sold the aging PowerBook G4 that ran it all and settled into music obscurity.

For Christmas I was given a new mixing console along with a bunch of other sound equipment for the studio. The stars aligned and I now have Earl’s old MacBook Pro, which is working fabulously despite having been dropped five or so feet, all loaded up with my old music library.

Last night I took the new console out for a spin. And it works BEAUTIFULLY.

There will be a new “Beat Assimilation” mix by the end of the year. I have to take a few days to catch up on dance music I have missed out on, including Freemasons featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor and “Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)”.

It’s time to ramp DJ SuperCub back up to full potential. Enjoy the ride.