After a week of on-call I feel like I can stop idling my life and am back in “drive” again. It is amazing what a full night’s sleep can do. I woke up this morning, for the early shift no less, feeling great; I feel centered, I feel rested and I feel like my brain has taken a big dump.

Yesterday I met up with our friend Greg for lunch in Danbury, Conn. It had been entirely too long since I’d seen him so I headed out to the Danbury Fair Mall to finish up the holiday shopping and meet up with him for lunch. We had mini-burgers – he had turkey and I had veggie. It seems like whenever we go to Ruby Tuesday together we have the mini-burgers. It was very good to see him. I took the scenic route home opting to come through the Catskills. I stopped for gas and a quick snack in Liberty. In a very rare occurrence I found myself disoriented and heading the wrong way on one of the back roads as I tried to get back to Route 17. I had to use the GPS in my iPhone to find my way back. I must be getting old.

While I was waiting in line at one of the stores yesterday a woman in front of me smacked another woman that decided she was too good to “form one line here” at the checkout stand. I thought it was rude of the woman to cut the line but I thought it was quite rude for the woman to smack her as well. Nobody was in the right on that one. I tweeted that I thought someone needed a good hit of myrrh. I thought that was humorous.