I have been reading a discussion on Slashdot about the purpose of ‘Black Friday’. The discussion has migrated into the meaning of the holidays and the tendency for Americans to purchase stuff they don’t really want or need, all in the spirit of giving.

I kind of get that.

One of the contributors to the discussion suggested some gift ideas that I thought I would share here:

  • Hire a Maid/House Cleaning service to give the house a good cleaning for your spouse, mother, or other special person
  • Hire someone to paint a room or fix something on the home of your loved one

  • Commission the making of a crotcheted Blanket, Sweater, Afghan, from one of the many people in your local neighborhood who does such crafts
  • Hire someone to “Detail” your loved ones car
  • Hire someone to “Cater” your Holiday Dinner or Family Get together
  • Buy your loved one a “subscription” to yard mainenance/landscaping service for one year
  • Buy your father, brother, or other loved one a “Gift Card” for automobile maintenance at the local Mechanic and/or Car Dealer
  • Buy locally hand-made furniture (from the Amish or other local providers), like a wooden rocking chair or dining room table, for your loved ones
  • Hire someone to “prepare a vegetable garden” for your loved one (turn the soil, remove the weeds/roots etc, get it ready for planting in the spring and/or do the initial planting)