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I have been riding the exercise bike in the basement in an attempt to keep my cycling legs in shape. I find riding in the basement to be excessively boring and even blasting music doesn’t help.

Enter video on my iPhone.

On days where I’m doing ONLY cardio, I watch an episode of “Xena:Warrior Princess”. I have always loved me some Xena. On days where I do cardio in addition to strength training, I tend to ride the bike for a shorter time, so I watch an episode of “Josie and the Pussycats”.

How gay am I?

Tonight’s episode was the second one from the first season. It’s called “A Greenthumb Is Not A Goldfinger”. It’s the one where the gang runs into a mad scientist.

Best line of the episode? Josie mistakes Alexandria as a plant creature and beats her up before Alexandria reveals herself, prompting her to say “Who were you expecting, Scooby Doo?”

I’m sorry, I just find that funny.