It’s a well-established fact that I am a road geek. Driving the roads is what I do for enjoyment and this is what fuels much of my adventure time.  Today I walked on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It wasn’t the first time that I have done this.

Here, I made a little movie for you.


After walking on that abandoned section of the Turnpike, I stopped at a lookout over where I was standing.   The view was beautiful.

By the way, I mention in the video that I would give the directions on how to get where I hiked up onto the road.  It’s pretty easy.  From Breezewood, Pa. (Turnpike Exit 161), take US Route 30 East to PA Route 915 NORTH. Take 915 NORTH a few miles to your first turn on the left, which will be Oregon Rd. This is a barely maintained road so you might want to have a sturdy vehicle. Go in a couple of miles to the Oregon Camp buildings and park along the left side of the road. There is a barrier to prevent motorised vehicles from entering the public trail, just follow the trail about 3/4 mile to the roadway. You’ll literally merge on as if you were merging into traffic.

Here’s the view from the hill atop the tunnel. I remembered to smile for the camera this time.



After heading back to Breezewood I jumped onto Interstate 70 south and then took US Route 522 South through that sliver of Maryland, a suggestion of West Virginia and now I’m in Virginia. I’m going to meet up with Thom in a little while for our ride; I’m hoping the weather clears up because right now it doesn’t look like ideal riding weather.


  1. Oh man, that vid looks like something from a horror movie. I thought for sure some monster was going to run out of there and eat you. And not in a good way.

    You know what? Our paths crossed today. We crossed over US 522 this morning on our way back to Ohio from Washington. I could feel a disturbance in the Force, so we must have been close.

    Greg and I stopped at the new Sideling Hill section (cut-away?) at the Exhibit Center. It was closed but the restrooms were open, so I left a donation 🙂

  2. I am so glad you can read well, and didn’t go into that tunnel!!! i know you are a risk taker but i also know you are not CRAZY!!! that walk was scary enough. your mom worries enough as it is, i prefer a more populated area jp.. love you – hope to see you soon, enjoy the rest of your trip

  3. Wild that your trip took you here. I stumbled across the Wikipedia article regarding that section of the Turnpike a couple weeks ago and it’s way cool to see one of the tunnels from a less static perspective. It’s too bad that there isn’t stonework like that on modern highway projects. Sure, it’s nothing elaborate, but it’s a lot neater than plain poured concrete.

    Thanks for the trip posts. My wanderlust is stirring.

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