Today my co-workers began to notice that I have posted a photo on my cubicle wall.

Printed out and photographed before being attached to the cubicle wall.

The picture is obviously of Lauren Tewes, a screencap of the credits from the first season of The Love Boat. Since I used the screencaps of Julie McCoy as an illustration of maintaining a positive outlook, I decided a reminder at work was appropriate.

It has done wonders. I haven’t snarled or yelled at or bitten a customer yet this week.

A couple of people have asked why Julie McCoy and I give them the same story I outlined in the previous blog entry. I also add that if I was just a tad bit gayer, at this very moment I’d probably be a Julie McCoy on a cruise ship somewhere. Not that I think that being gay has anything to do with being a cruise director, well at least the kind on a ship, but it probably would lead my path in that direction.