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So today I am writing from the Park and Ride along the Erie Canal during my lunch hour. For some reason I thought that there were picnic tables down here but they are none, so I am eating my lunch in the car and enjoying the sun. I’m actually sweltering a bit, which is a considerable change of pace versus what it was like last week. I didn’t bring a hat so I have to sit in the car to keep my head from getting burned.

I’m blogging on my computer using my iPhone 3G as an internet tether for the first time and it is working beautifully. Let’s hear it for accessing features before they are ready.

Earl is on his way to Tennessee for business meetings so I am in bachelor mode until Thursday night. I kicked off the frivolity last night by mowing the lawn and then mowing the neighbors’ lawn as a reward for us not getting their mail for the first time in five years. I think they may have finally changed their address or perhaps all of their subscriptions expired.

Work is going good today and I’m in a chipper mood. I have been cleaning up various aspects of my life lately, including eliminating various causes of stress and canceling appointments or commitments that I didn’t really need or want but felt obligated to do. I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, too, and that’s put a bigger smile on my face. My teeth don’t look any different but the hygienist was surprisingly complimentary on the state of my mouth and this made me feel better about myself. I have a second appointment in a couple of weeks for the buffing and polishing as yesterday was this whole deep cleaning them I had never had done before. It hurt a little bit but I feel the better for it today.

Ever since the drive home from Toronto a couple of weeks ago I have been on a more intensive self-discovery path than I have been for the past several years. I’m scratching to see what lies beneath a few facets of my brain and liking what I find.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you’d think that by (almost) age 41 I’d have this life thing figured out by now. At least the journey is something I truly enjoy once again.


  1. I’m so happy that you have decided to continue your journeyof self-discovery. I love who you were when we meet, I love who you’ve become, and I love who you will someday be… because one thing that has never changed is what you are to me.

  2. I’m not sure you ever figure out life. It’s always evolving and always putting little (sometimes not to little) roadblocks along the way. The bottom line is, you never know what coming toward you. Three weeks ago last Friday, I underwent double bypass heart surgery. And here I thought I was eating relatively healthy. So not I’m recovering, and finding that every day is now a day of self discovery as I enter my new world. Take nothing for granted. Every single day is precious. That’s my advice to everyone.

  3. Sorry, but you never figure it out, and that’s a good thing; we were designed to be adventurers, explorers, scientists and pokers-at-life. The only people who think they’ve figured it out are shoving bibles in your face. To use a work metaphor, the onion of life has more layers than we’ll ever peel back. (What a cool reply from Earl–you’re a lucky man).

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