Mayfair Diner.

Mayfair Diner., originally uploaded by iMachias.

This morning we stopped at the Mayfair Diner before heading back to Central New York. Earl and the Cubster opted to order breakfast, since it was 10:30 a.m. and all, but I decided on a turkey burger from the lunch menu. Keeping with the healthy theme I skipped the fries and went for a 70 calories bag of chips.

Eating in a diner such as these is always a good experience for me and nothing can really replicate it, no matter how hard we may try. Fast food joints are way too fast (and usually populated with surly folks behind the counter) and the chain sit-down restaurants are too generic. That’s why Earl and I try to eat at local places when we travel.

Real food at real prices with real people.

Two thumbs up for the Mayfair Diner on Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia. And the turkey burgers are huge and delicious.