While my computing experience is decidedly a mix bag of ecosystems and companies these days, one of the things I love about my Apple Watch and our Apple One family subscription is Apple Fitness+. (How many times can I type Apple in one sentence? Wow).

If you’re not familiar, Apple Fitness+ offers a slew of fitness activities oriented around the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and your iDevices. One of my favorite features is “It’s Time For A Walk” structured around going for a walk. The new season just started up. For the first episode this season we went for a walk with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I’ve always found Jamie Lee Curtis to be pleasant and I know that’s she created and/or been involved with a bunch of humanitarian efforts over the years. Her conversation on this week’s “It’s Time For A Walk” was very inspiring. The vibe of the episode just pushed me in the positive direction I need to be shoved towards and it left me feeling happy, but more importantly it created a wonderful sense of groundedness that I was missing at the beginning of this work week.