Bam., originally uploaded by iMachias.

After doing on-call stuff until nearly 11 p.m. last night, I decided to head to the local bar to put up posters for our upcoming “bear night”. The bar was populated by people half my age but it was good to see the bar at least busy. I have to admit I don’t miss DJing on Fridays though.

After putting up the posters and a few NA beers, I decided to head home. I wasn’t really tired so I decided to go for a little drive before heading back to The Manor. I was moving down the expressway along a particularly dark section of roadway around 72 MPH when I saw movement to the very left of my car. In a few split seconds, I made a quick dash to the right onto the shoulder and tried to slow down, skidding in the process. I remembered yelling “Jesus Christ!”, which was quickly followed by “no air bag! no air bag! no air bag!” as I dread the idea of the air bag exploding in my face. I heard a “bam” near the front left tire followed by another bang near the back of the car. I pulled over, got out of the car and looked around. The deer was gone from what I could tell. I couldn’t see much of the car in the darkness, so I decided to drive to the next interchange where there were streetlights.

I examined the entire car as I walked the perimeter. Apart from a few stray deer hairs, there was not a scratch or dent on the car. Nothing.

My Acura is tougher than I thought!

This morning I drove back through the area and there’s some skid marks but no sign of a dead deer. He’s probably in the trees waiting to try again.