And Then There’s Bea.

Bea Arthur died this morning. She was age 86. Family members reported that she was battling cancer.

One of the true greats, Beatrice Arthur was a strong woman and a phenomenal actress. Earl and I had the opportunity to see her show, “Bea Arthur On Broadway: Between Friends” back in 2002. We waited by the back stage door after the show to see her; she was unable to meet the fans waiting but she was cordial as she passed by, being escorted by friends.  I often thought of her as a ‘handsome’ woman. Her presence reminded me in some ways of my Aunt Jen.

Below is one of my favourite clips from “The Golden Girls”; Bea almost loses it during the scene.

RIP Bea. You will be missed.



  1. We had the opportunity to see her just a few short years ago…..what a night that was! And I hold her in special regard because I’m most like her character on the Golden Girls.

  2. You know, I adore the golden girls. It was one of those comedies that was both gentle and bittersweet. Yeah, it was somewhat contrived but what sit com isn’t? But the humour and the affection that seemed to shine throughout the show was a great example of how just because people are different doesn’t mean they can’t get along.

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