The SciFi Channel announced earlier this week that they are rebranding themselves come July.

The new name of the cable channel will be “SyFy”.

Personally I think this is one of the most idiotic ideas to hit the boob tube in a long while and I look forward to watching the crash and burn at this attempt of a retread.

As a proud geek that enjoys science fiction television, I find this rebranding pedestrian, predictable and highly insulting.

That clicking sound you hear is the sound of me changing the channel.

In the spirit of the old SciFi channel, I share this.

Actually I can’t post a video of the opening from the original Bionic Woman on here as originally planned because NBC/Universal pulled it from YouTube. They suck.


  1. Interesting: you’re more upset about the rebranding of the Sci Fi channel name than you are about the marriage name…it’s the same thing, just a different name right? as long a syou get all the same programming you did before, who cares what it’s called? I’m just saying….

    1. Heh. Touché.

      Actually, I never considered it that way. I don’t consider “marriage” to be a dumbing down of “civil union”, whereas “SyFy” is just a stupid sounding/spelled name in an effort to be cute and hip.

      I see your point though.

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