Dallas, Texas.

042.365, originally uploaded by iMachias.

So today after lunch with friends I took a road trip to Dallas and back. I was originally just going to dip into Texas a little bit and then head back to Oklahoma City but since I already most of the way there I kept on driving until I got to almost Dallas. Then I saw a sign that said “President George Bush Turnpike” or something like that, found that it unnerved me, and turned around and headed back to Oklahoma.

I amused myself by listening to the large number of religious stations on the radio. I thought there were a lot of these stations in Upstate New York, Texas has them beat hands down. It’s amazing to hear what people believe. They have the right to free speech just as anyone else does, but sometimes it does boggle the mind. It’s always productive to hear the thoughts of others.

All in all the drive helped me digest what I learned in the training over the past couple of weeks and clear out my head so I’m ready for the trip back home tomorrow.