So we are at Syracuse Hancock International Airport awaiting our JetBlue flight to Orlando. We leave in 90 minutes or so. I am taking a few moments to surf the internet because that’s what people do in the airport these days. I see quite a few Macs within eyeshot. That’s a good thing.

I am really looking forward to this getaway. It’s been two years since we’ve been to Orlando and we are pretty much repeating what we did before: flying in, no rental car, onto Disney property and then leaving in four days. No touring around, no scouting out other parks. It’s the total Disney experience for us. I like it that way.

I plan on updating the blog and Flickr account quite a bit. We have a couple of computers, cameras, a video camera and a router with appropriate cabling so we can have the total internet experience whilst in our condo.

I’m such a geek.

Going on vacation always inspires me to make further vacation plans for the year. I have a feeling there are several flights in my near future.