JetBlue 665.

So I am currently sitting in seat 10F on JetBlue 665. I am watching “A Very Brady Sequel”. It’s a fun movie to watch.

The big guy is sitting next to me. To his left is Jamie, who is joining us on this trip. Jamie has never been to DisneyWorld and since we had a couple of extra tickets (due to a change in plans), we asked him to join us.

I love flying. I have always wanted to get my private pilots license but self imposed obstacles when I was younger prevented me from pursuing it. It’s never too late, I guess. Once the debt is paid off (very soon!) we’ll be able to afford the lessons. I’m thinking a Cessna 172 or bigger.

We are on an Airbus A320. This is my first JetBlue flight. It’s not my last. Though I love my job, I wish I had a position that called for more travel. I love traveling. I don’t like sitting behind a desk.

I am sitting in the exit row for the first time. I feel trusted. One of my best friends is a flight attendant. He is trusted like this very day. It’s a good feeling to be trusted.

As I look out over the clouds I notice that the flight tracker says we are over Savannah Ga. We’ll be starting our descent soon. The clouds are getting closer.

I’m thinking of putting together a birthday adventure in July. Perhaps it’ll involve flying.