My body is instinctively kicking into hibernation mode these days. There are times when I like to embrace my loner side and this seems to be one of these times. I don’t know if it’s the cold or what but I’m feeling content just doing little things around the house and losing myself in my schoolwork and projects.

I’m enjoying my school semester so far, though I have a bunch of tests coming up in the next week or two so that may change my outlook a little bit. I feel confident that I’ll do fine though, so far everything is ‘clicking’. I’m struggling a little bit with Professor Frightful and his cast of voices in the chalkboard, as he seems to be speaking in circles around calculus, but close attention to the text and intensive googling seems to remedy that little obstacle.

All in all life is quiet, but life is good. I think I’m ready for spring. In the meantime I’ll just sit back, relax and quietly enjoy my own little realm.