Weekend Merriment.

Earl and I have installed ourselves in the local Panera for some brunch. Even though it’s not officially lunch time yet (it’s before noon), I’ve already enjoyed a cup of tomato soup and half of a tuna salad sandwich. I’m not much of a tuna fish fan but this was rather tasty. It was a pleasant surprise.

Our weekend has been rather uneventful thus far. I worked at the bar Friday night. It was an odd night; there were a lot of young folks there (as observed by Grandpa J.P. in the DJ booth) and these young whippersnappers can not hold their alcohol at all. I worked at this bar almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 1992 to 2001 before starting up again a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never had the pleasure of: 1. not being able to use the men’s room because there were people getting sick all over the place and 2. not being able to use the backup plan, the ladies’ room, because there were two lesbians going to town over the single toilet in there. You think they could have locked the door or something.


I ended up holding it until the bouncers got the bathrooms under control. And the beat of the music went faster and faster until my chance to hit the head came.

I was then asked by a patron when I was going to start playing dance music. That does not amuse me.

Nevertheless, I shut the door on the DJ booth, switched over to beer and enjoyed the evening.

Yesterday Earl and I went for a little road trip. We ended up at EastView Mall in Rochester. I wanted to go to the Apple store since we have tax returns in our possession and we haven’t seriously upgraded our computers in three years or so. Earl and I looked over all that the world of Mac has to offer and have decided on what we are going to buy. We are going to sit on the decision for a week before making the purchases, but I’m going to be adding a 24-inch iMac to the stable (for audio and video editing), which will allow me to move my day to day computing to the Intel Mac-Mini currently in the studio, which in turns allows me to retire my PowerBook to mobile and DJ computing only. Earl will be moving to an iMac as well, which will allow us to move his Mac Mini into our “recreation room” in the basement, which allows us to move the Dell out of the house and probably into my mother’s arms. Earl will continue to get mobile on his iBook, which now lives in one of our spare bedrooms (we call it the boy room for the rotating houseboys we have).

Whew, it’s tough keeping track of all these things geeky.

After our window shopping at EastView, we made our way to the Cheesecake Factory and after a 70 minute wait we had a delicious meal and some cheesecake before heading home. I had my first Cosmo last night and it knocked me on my ass; Earl drove us halfway home while I snoozed and then I finished the drive.

Today is a maintenance day; on the agenda we have homework, laundry and grocery shopping, as well as video and audio editing and whatnot. So much for a day of rest.