Addressee Unknown.

Earl and I have lived at our current address for over four years. The previous owners and builders of our home, apparently unable to afford their dream home any longer, temporarily moved to the house next door when they sold us their house. They were going to stay there until they could find another house to move to. I think they find us creepy or something because they don’t wave when we wave to them in a neighborly way, nor have they ever asked for a cup of sugar. But I don’t care about the sugar part.

So they’ve lived next door for four years. Is it unreasonable for me to have the expectation that they would have changed their address by now? The post office stopped forwarding their mail years ago, and now we get all their tax documents, magazine subscriptions and various other doo-dads. Like a good neighbor I’ve trotted across the yard and delivered their mail for them. They’re usually not home so I wedge it in the front door. I guess it’s the right thing to do but it’s becoming a pain in the ass. I think I’m just irked by the fact that it’s been over four years and we are still getting their mail. How hard can it be to change your address, especially on your financial accounts including your investments, checking account and health insurance forms?

I’m tempted to just throw it out with the rest of the junk mail but my conscience won’t let me do that.

Time to take another walk across the yard.


  1. We have a clothes pin on our mailbox and anything that comes for previous owner (that is first class) we clip to our mailbox and write (in red) on the envelope:
    “Addressee moved: no longer at this address
    Return to sender”
    and let it there until the postal carrier takes it.

    Your postal carrier should be aware enough by now to know where they live anyway, regardless of the address.
    Oops! I’m sorry! We’re talking about the USPS here aren’t we?! Forget that last comment.

  2. The USPS only has their employees look at the line “below” the named person on mail – they zoom in on the physical address.

    I’m not a mail man, but I think a small note posted on your mail box/slot might be appropriate such as “Ed and Nancy Jones live next door at 123 First Avenue – NOT HERE!”

    Just a thought…we enjoy your blog.

    Great write…

  3. Toss their shit in the mail. They’re assholes.

    Is that harsh? It’s just so freaking easy nowadays to forward mail. They can do it on-line without getting their lazy ass off the sofa.

    You’re too kind. I’d have ceased bringing it over years ago (I’d call and tell them to pick it up…start inconveniencing them.

    Nah, I’d just toss it all in the trash.

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