Back On Track.

So it’s official. Today I started up the Spring 2008 semester at school. As I remarked to Earl earlier today, I’ve officially made it through more college than I did the first time around back in 1986. The feeling is quite pleasant.

My schedule is not unpleasant, I only have classes four days this week with Wednesdays being my “run errands, clean the house, visit friends, do homework” day. This schedule coupled with my DJ gig and freelance sound engineer jobs should work out quite well. I’m excited about the challenge. I feel like I’m going to do well this semester, despite the tougher courses. Let’s check that again in a couple of weeks.

The first class I had today was Math 122, “Fundamentals of College Mathematics 2”. Translation: “Calculus”. I’ve never had calculus before. My head is already swimming in imaginary numbers but I think I’ll have a handle on it once I review my notes and do the suggested reading. The professor is the infamous Professor Frightful and his Cast of Blackboard Voices again. There are several students that went through his class with me last semester and like me, they had a knowing look on their face when our other classmates heard the voices for the first time. Another unexpected delight is taking the class with First Earl’s niece Nanette. We took a couple of classes together a year ago and helped each other out on a couple of projects. She’s good fun and the only female in the class. Since there’s only a few of us from last semester’s all male math class, there’s a whole bunch of new eye candy going on.

So now I’m sitting in the library building working on homework and catching up on blogs. This is my favorite spot to do school work, as I can see across the quad and the people walking back and forth in the snow. I snapped a photo with my iPhone.