Mansfield, Mass.

Earl and I are spending the New Year holiday with our friends Scott and Mark outside of Boston. Scott and I are friends from our childhood and have started our friendship back up after bumping into each other at the “True Colors” concert in Boston earlier this year. Sometimes it’s amazing how the Universe works.

Scott and Mark are both gamers so last night we played “Scene It!” on the Xbox 360 and then a whole smattering of games on the Wii. It was our first Wii experience and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Earl and I are also reconsidering our plan to sell the Xbox 360; we just need to get the right games for it. The Wii gives you quite a workout and I really like that. I’m terrible at bowling in real life and I’m only marginally better on the Wii.

Sigh, so many gadgets to buy.

Tonight we are going to the Randolph Country Club for the New Year’s Eve celebration. We’re having a clothing quandry with “creative semi-formal”, but I know it’ll all work out for the best. Clothing optional settings are so much easier to dress for.