Today has been all about doing chores around the house. I really haven’t broken down and cleaned anything mind you, I’m saving the frivolity for 2008, but I’ve been busying myself in our cellar doing geeky things with geeky toys.

Earl and I are off to a family fest in a few moments, but I decided to catch up on blog reading before we left and couldn’t resist the typing test that Séan had taken. It’s a good thing that back when I was in elementary school my mother taught me touchtyping at the age of eight. “If you’re going to bang on the typewriter, at least you’ll use the right fingers.”

Here’s my results:

93 words

Touch Typing for free


  1. Wow–93 words per minute? You really ARE a geek. 😉 I’m only a lousy 60 wpm. But back in the day, that speed was a requisite for any good secretary. (What a career I could have had!) I am forever in debt to Miss Vandermay, my high school typing teacher. I never thought then that I would be using a computer every day of my life. (They were only for geeks back then. Remember DOS? Sure you do.) Miss Vandermay would sometimes cross my mind when I used to cruise on manhunt.net and I’d think to myself “if she only knew what I was using my typing skills for!”

  2. [Lemuel is sticking his tongue out at you and wiggling his finger from his ears.]

    If we were meant to type that fast then why did God give us two thumbs and 6 other fingers?

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