Every year at this time I usually I go on and on about resolutions and all that I accomplished and all the jazz. Tonight I’m just going to keep it simple.

Happy New Year!

Thank you to greg, Bob, Steve, Tim, Scott, Mark, Sean, Jeffrey, Earl and everyone else for all your friendship and thank you to my family and everyone that reads this blog for peeking in on our life – we hope to meet you in 2008.


  1. Happy New Year to the both of you! Thanks for giving us all the gift of your writing. I really look forward to what you have to say.It’s a bright spot in my day.

  2. ….and a return thanks for your friendship, a Happy New Year to you and Earl, and a hope for every good thing to come your way in 2008. Hope to make memories with you both in the new year, even bigger,better and more often than the ones in 2007.

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